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Confidentiality Statement

This confidentiality statement pertains to the confidentiality of data that have been published on the website and that have been collected through the use of the said website and stored in databases of the company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o.

The company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o., as the provider of services available on the website, adheres to the legal regulations with the aim to protect the privacy of its users.

End Users are hereby advised to read everything stated on this page, in order to better understand what data is collected by the company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. and how such data is used.

Every End User that has any question with regard to data confidentiality can send an e-mail to the following address:

End Users are advised to carefully read this Confidentiality Statement. By accessing or using our website, the End User confirms that he has read, understood and that he agrees with all data confidentiality terms and conditions, as well as with methods of use of the website

If the End User does not agree with this Confidentiality Statement, we advise the End User to leave the website and not to access it anymore.

This Confidentiality Statement may be amended at any time by the company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o., by publishing the amended text of the confidentiality statement in the section “Data Confidentiality” on the website. Amendments to the confidentiality statement will enter into force immediately upon their publication on the website

Every End User is responsible and obligated to regularly visit this website and check for any changes introduced in the Confidentiality Statement. If the End User continues to use this website after such changes enter into force, it will be deemed that the End User has confirmed and accepted all terms and conditions of the amended Confidentiality Statement.

The company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. collects information identifying the specific End User. When the End User starts to participate in certain activities available on the website – these include opening of the user account, ordering of products and services, replying to surveys, publishing of comments, sending of feedback information – M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. can ask the the End User to provide certain personal information, such as name and surname, address (including postal code), e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth, information on credit card number, expiry date, authorisation code, as well as other information connected thereto. End User decides on participation in Identification Activities and provision of personal information. If End Users refuse to provide the obligatory information required for the participation in a specific activity, they will be banned from participating in any such activity.

The company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. will not disclose the End User’s personal data to other third parties, except in cases defined in the next paragraph and when it is required pursuant to positive regulations.

M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. will use personal data for the purpose of sending and distribution of administrative and promotional e-mails, conducting data analysis, and processing credit card payments. M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. may share the End User’s personal data with providers of product distribution services or for the purpose of orders fulfilment, delivery of packages, sending mail by post or sending e-mails.

End User is given the possibility to access and change personal data provided by M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. End Users can change any piece of their personal information by sending an e-mail to the following address: In the e-mail, the End User should state their name and surname, address and e-mail address, as well as pieces of information that they wish to add.

Products and services provided by M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. can be purchased under one condition; more precisely, M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. seeks the End User’s permission to send administrative and promotional e-mails. If at any moment after registration the End User decides that he does not wish to receive e-mails, he may choose to unsubscribe from receiving e-mails, by either sending an e-mail to or by choosing the option to unsubscribe to newsletters, which can be found in every newsletter message.

The company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. takes data protection seriously and has taken various precaution measures in order to protect personal data. Unfortunately, every data transfer over the Internet or any other wireless network is not 100% safe. Consequently, although M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. implements commercially reasonable protective measures for personal data protection, it cannot guarantee protection of any piece of information transferred to or from the website The company is also not liable for actions of any third party that might receive such information.

Minors up to 14 years of age are not allowed to use the website The company M.K. EKONOMIK d.o.o. does not collect or store data on any person younger than 14 years of age; hence, not a single part of this website has been designed with the aim to attract people under the age of 14.